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04-11-13 -- Label

04-06-13 -- Quilt on Bed, & Hanging from Deck

04-05-13 -- Graceful Garden Quilt -- DONE!!!

04-04-13 -- Graceful Garden, Off the Frame

04-03-13 -- Last Row, Finished

03-30-13 -- The Very Last Row

03-28-13 -- Quilting Again!

03-23-13 -- Doorknob Pillow

03-20-13 -- Kaleidoscope Pillows

03-15-13 -- Three-Quarters Done Quilting

03-09-13 -- Past the Halfway Mark

03-07-13 -- The Quilting Continues

03-05-13 -- Over a Third of the Top is Quilted

03-01-13 -- Three More Pillows

02-21-13 -- More Quilting

02-16-13 -- Template, & More Quilting

02-15-13 -- Quilting, First Row

02-09-13 -- Magnolia Branch Pillow #5

02-08-13 -- Pinwheel Pillow #4

02-06-13 -- Backing

02-02-13 -- Quilt Top is DONE!

01-24-13 -- Side Hangs

01-19-13 -- Blocks and Three-Strip Border

01-18-13 -- Kaleidoscopes

01-05-13 -- Border for Quilt Center

11-23-12 -- Putting Quilt Center Together



Quilt Gallery V, page 1 -- making the blocks









April 11, 2013 -- Label


Machine embroidered label made on my Bernina Artista 180.


I have now registered to enter two quilt shows -- HMQS (Home Machine Quilting Systems) in Salt Lake City next month, and AQS (American Quilting Society) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in August.


Next Tuesday, I take the quilt to Lincoln, where I will meet an appraiser at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum.  She will appraise my quilt, and then I shall insure it well and ship it off to Salt Lake City. 


<hair standing up on end, just thinking about that> 











April 06, 2013 -- Quilt on Bed, & Hanging from Deck


This afternoon, I took the quilt to Andrew and Hester's house to take pictures of it on their bed.  They oohed and ahhed over it quite satisfactorily.



I snatched it back and absconded with it before they got too attached to it, throwing a stack of decorative pillows in their pathway to keep them from catching me.


Home again, Larry helped me hang it from the deck, and then I stood in the back yard and took pictures of it. 



Click photos to enlarge:





A few more shots:








April 05, 2013 -- Graceful Garden Quilt -- DONE!!!


I'm done, I'm done, I'm done!!!  The binding is finished. 


The hanging sleeve is now cut and sewn according to AQS quilting show instructions, and must be sewn on the back by hand.  I'll do it tomorrow.  I still need to make a quilt label, too.


But the quilt itself is done.


Here is a close-up of the metallic black and brown binding. 

{Do those little metallic swirls look like Pac-Men to you??}


Tomorrow afternoon I will take pictures of the quilt on Hester and Andrew's bed.  I'm going to feel like an Indian giver, putting the quilt on her bed, tantalizing her with it -- and then grabbing it up and running straight back out the door with it! 


But she knows what I'm planning to do, entering it in the AQS show in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I'll leave her the gazillion pillows as a consolation gift. 







Click photo to enlarge (top of quilt is at the left):








April 04, 2013 -- Graceful Garden, Off the Frame


I have taken the Graceful Garden quilt from the frame, trimmed it, done a little more quilting at the top (done back in the middle of February when I was merely a novice echo-quilter), and then measured for the binding.


The backing was long enough, thank goodness, but only just baaaaaaaarely. Adding to it would have been a bit tedious, because it’s a directional print with a wide repeat.  I trimmed a mere 1/8" from the bottom.

I added a wee bit of batting to an area where it had run short.  The quilting held it in place.


The binding has now been sewn to the top.  Tomorrow, I shall fold it around, pin it, and start sewing it to the back.  As of tonight, I have 925.5 hours in this quilt.  154.5 of that was spent quilting.  Compare that to 181.5 hours spent quilting the Thimbleberries Village quilt.



The bird pictured in the last three posts, by the way, is a Plumbeous Water Redstart, and can be found anywhere from Afghanistan all the way to Thailand.










April 03, 2013 -- Last Row, Finished














March 30, 2013 -- The Very Last Row


Could somebody please come and pull on the quilt back and strrrrrretch the batting as I quilt this last row? I’m telling you, if it fits, if I don’t run out of both back and batting, it will be jusssst baaaarely. . .

If worse comes to worst, I shall remove the quilt from the frame, trim the sides and add onto the bottom, then put the quilt back on the frame and finish quilting. Sounds like a lot of work... but... I’ll do what must be done.


The 9 hours I worked on the quilt today bring the total number of hours spent on this quilt to 907.  138 ½ of that is in the quilting alone.

I wanted to finish tonight, but there are a few hours of work left, and I don't want to fall asleep tomorrow in the middle of Easter church services. The ushers with the goads might get me!

(I said that once to an elderly aunt of Larry's, and ... she thought I meant it.)


Here are just a couple of the blocks done today; the previous row is already rolled up on the take-up bar.










March 28, 2013 -- Quilting Again!


I’m back in business!  Quilting business, that is.

Kevin, the HQ tech from Country Traditions in Fremont, brought my machine back Wednesday morning a little after 10:00 a.m.  He set up the machine. . . started quilting with it. . . it was working fine. . . then I told him exactly what I was doing when I had troubles with skipping stitches, so he did just what I had been doing – and sho’ ’nuff, it skipped.  He called a tech in Salt Lake City. . . had a little discussion. . .checked a few settings – and suddenly noticed a gap in the bobbin assembly where a gap shouldn’t be.  He investigated. . . and then came to the same conclusion Larry had come to when I first started having troubles:  the bobbin assembly needed to be replaced.

 He replaced it. . . worked for a bit to get tension top and bottom just right. . . I tried it out. . . perfect.  It sews perfectly.  Smoother and nicer than it has ever sewn since I got it.

 So, for a measly (?!) little (?!) $300 (!!!), I’m back in business.  $217 for the bobbin assembly; the rest for labor and gas.  Kevin had given it a thorough take-apart and once-over while it was in his store, oiling and tightening and servicing everything.  And boy, oh, boy, can I ever tell it.  Everything is smoother – motor, movement, needle bar, everything.  While the machine was down for the count, I got all the coordinating pillows done, and all our Easter sewing besides.  I am ready to quilt!!  I quilted for six hours yesterday and eight hours today, giving it a thorough workout with echo stitching, free-motion quilting, laser-light following pantograph, and ruler work.  Not one skipped stitch.  Not one.  Not one!  And the tension is perfect, too, top and bottom.  I’m so happy! 


























March 23, 2013 -- Doorknob Pillow


Yep, I'm still making pillows, because my HQ16 is still refusing to quilt without skipping stitches.  Larry has taken it back to the dealership in Fremont so the tech can work on it.


This little 6" x 6" doorknob pillow will be the very last coordinating pillow.  The pieced heart was paper-pieced -- first time I ever did paper-piecing.  The Prairie Points were left over from the Whirligig Pillow (previous page).








After taking pictures of this side of the pillow (middle photo), I decided it was too plain to suit me, so I added a few short strands of beads.









March 20, 2013 -- Kaleidoscope Pillows


I made these kaleidoscope blocks a couple of months ago when I joined in the 'Bucket Skill' with the online Cyber Quilters group.  Here they are, made into pillows.  After setting the blocks on point, I added some small, leftover pinwheel blocks, a few triangle fillers, and sewed on some trim.


The 9mm stitch width on my Bernina Artista 180 was exactly what I needed for sewing on the wide trim around the Kaleidoscopes in just one pass around the blocks.  I did a simple zigzag so as not to detract from the trim. 

See close-ups below.


The backs are irregular Lemoyne stars.  Irregular, because the pieces, while parallelograms, are not diamonds, as the four sides are not equal.







Back of Kaleidoscope Pillows -- irregular Lemoyne Star









March 15, 2013 -- Three-Quarters Done Quilting



Poppy block



Rose block







March 09, 2013 -- Past the Halfway Mark


I'm just past halfway done with the quilting. 

I now have 834.5 hours in the quilt.




Poppy block



part of Dahlia block








March 07, 2013 -- The Quilting Continues


Comparing my pictures of the quilt on my bed to the part of the quilt that is showing in my frame, I do believe I have hit the halfway mark! 

The colors of the photos weren't exactly right, because I angled my flash upwards in order that the quilting would better show.  I fixed the colors the best I could in my photo editor; they're pretty close now, but not nearly as vibrant as they are in real life.  Real quilt.  Real. . . something-or-other.




Tulip block




Iris block




Poppy block









March 05, 2013 -- Over a Third of the Top is Quilted


Since Saturday, I've had a bit of trouble with my machine skipping stitches.  I tried all the usual remedies to no avail (new needle, rethread, clean, oil, check tension, loosen quilt, etc.).  Larry took apart the bobbin assembly, thoroughly cleaned and oiled it, put it back together, and reset the timing. 


That helped, but hasn't entirely eliminated the problem.  I can usually avoid the issue until I'm using a ruler and moving the machine in a northwesterly direction (away from me and to the left).


Yesterday I ordered some special needles from Mike Gilomen, owner of The Machine Shop in Highland, Illinois.  These are supposed to reduce skipped stitches.  Mike sent me one of those needles last year, gratis, and it did help. 


I just checked the USPS Track & Confirm page, and I see that the needles made it to the Hazelwood, Missouri, USPS Sort Facility at 10:25 p.m. this evening.  Scheduled arrival:  March 8, 2013.  March 8?!  That's three more days!  I could drive there in 7 hours and 20 minutes!  Bah, humbug.


Well, in the meanwhile, I shall limp along the best I can. 

Doesn't look too bad, I guess.
















See Tabby? He likes to nap near me when I'm quilting. I tread carefully! -- he totally trusts me not to step on him.












March 01, 2013 -- Three More Pillows


My HQ16 started skipping stitches last night, so today I sewed pillows until Larry had time to fix my machine.  He took the bobbin assembly completely apart, thoroughly cleaned it, oiled it, and put it back together.  Then he reset the timing... I gave it a try-out... and it woiks, it woiks, it woiks!  The last two pillows can wait; I shall quilt! 


Here are the pillows; I finished the third one just before midnight.




Dahlia pillow




Magnolia Branch pillow









February 21, 2013 -- More Quilting


Another row done...  and the last time I rolled the quilt forward, the inner border made of one-inch squares made its appearance!























February 16, 2013 -- Template, & More Quilting

This afternoon I asked Larry if he knew of anything I could use as a template for scallops on one of the sashes.  He didn’t, and went back to his business of working on our addition.  Or so I thought. 

But it wasn't long before he brought me a template, exactly the right size:  the oval hitch plug that used to be on one of Caleb’s vehicles!  The prongs that held it in the receiver hitch make perfect handles.  He used his dremel to give one end the correct slightly-oval shape I needed (I had given him a paper template); the other end is more of a pointed oval, and will work for other things. 

So now I’m quilting on an HQ16, using a Morrissey Ford ruler template. 






















February 15, 2013 -- Quilting, First Row


Let the quilting begin!


I have new Railz (grooved track and wheel system), new HQ microhandles, and new Red Snappers (clamps that hold quilt to leader, eliminating the need for pins).  The HandiQuilter 16 is cleaned and oiled, and threaded with the new thread -- Superior's King Tut 40-wt. variegated Sands of Time color, with 60-wt. cream-colored Bottom Line in the bobbin.  Tension and timing look perfect.


Now, if I could just quilt perfectly, everything would be fine and dandy.  Some ladies are absolute artists with FM (Free Motion).  I instead do FYM (Free Yikes Motion) (very suitable phrase learned from a lady on an online quilting group).  Free Motion is like drawing, and I never could draw worth a hoot.  I was the little girl in art class about whose drawings everyone wondered, Hmmmm, is that a giraffe, or a pig? 


Soooo... I follow pantographs with my laser light or use rulers. 

Here's the first row and a half.








Echo quilting












February 09, 2013 -- Magnolia Branch Pillow #5


Victoria and I went to Hobby Lobby in Norfolk this afternoon and got some

more fancy trim, so that these pillows can be finished with aplomb.  They

have all sorts of trim in exactly the right color of brown and aqua, and I wanted

every single bolt and skein and roll -- but it was anywhere where $1.50/yard

for the narrow stuff to $16.99/yard for the long, fluffy tassels.  But... judging

from this pillow, perhaps this price fright saved the remaining pillows from

being altogether too, too gaudy. 








Tabby the Inspector doing the catscan thing









February 08, 2013 -- Pinwheel Pillow #4


The quilt, backing, and batting is all loaded on the frame, waiting for the thread

to arrive.  While it waits, I am making more pillows.







Embroidered lazy daisy with glass bead









February 06, 2013 -- Backing


The backing is now sewn together -- three 120" lengths of 44"-wide fabric.

So the back measures 120" long by 132" wide.  That's exactly 10 yards of fabric.


It's not especially Jacobean, but then neither are the colors I chose for this quilt.

I like it better than true Jacobean, to tell the truth.


Next on the agenda is to put pockets into the leaders on my quilt frame so that

I can slip the Red Snapper dowels into them, and then fasten quilt to leader with

the Red Snapper clamps.  I haven't even pulled the Red Snappers from

the package yet!


I just purchased one more thing that should make the quilting of this big quilt

easier:  Microhandles!  A lady was selling them for $200 -- they regularly

sell for $300 -- and they're still brand new; she hadn't used them.  These will

help me with the echo quilting around the appliqués, and all sorts of other

intricate work.


Earlier today, I received a post saying that my quilting thread -- King Tut, in a

variegated color called Sands of Time -- has been shipped.  The Bottom Line

thread for the bobbin is in Cream.


And -- a friend from an online quilting group is sending me Tuscany wool batting

-- an exceptional quality of batting -- in exchange for custom quilting

on a quilt she made.  I'm anxious to begin!











February 02, 2013 -- Quilt Top is DONE!


The last three borders have been put on the quilt!


There was a moment of great dismay last week when I looked up the rules

for the quilting show I hope to enter and discovered that the width limit

is 110".  I thought I had already passed that -- or at least would pass it when

I applied the borders.  I was relieved to realize that it was the length that was

109.5"; the width, without the last three borders, was at 101.5".


I trimmed the two inside borders a bit, sewed them all on -- and the quilt

now measures exactly 110" in width.  Whew.  The quilting will doubtless shrink

it just a tad; then I won't have to worry about it coming in at slightly more

than the limit will allow when I put on the binding.


As mentioned previously, this is a queen-sized quilt on a king-sized bed, so

that inner border lands 16" inside the mattress edge.  Someday when the

weather is nice, I will take a photo of it outside on the deck.  And I will take

a picture of it on a queen-sized bed, too.  Meanwhile, this is the best I can do.


It has taken 711 ½ hours to get to this point.
















January 24, 2013 -- Side Hangs


Both of the side hangs, or 'drop', are together and attached.  Here it is on my

king-sized bed, which doesn't look quite right, since a king is 16" wider

than a queen.  I will sew the hang for the foot tomorrow, and then there will

only be two or three borders to attach, and it will be done.


I've laid it on the bed so that the right hang is properly positioned.  That

put the left hang right atop the mattress.















January 19, 2013 -- Blocks and Three-Strip Border


The quilt is now big enough to cover the top of a queen-sized mattress,

with the three-strip border starting the hang at the sides and the foot.

It's on a king-sized bed in these photos.



Click picture to enlarge.



Here is a close-up of the border:










January 18, 2013 -- Kaleidoscopes


The 'bucket skill' of the month on the online Cyber Quilters groups is

kaleidoscopes or 'stack 'n' whack'.  I decided to join in, and make a block

or two to for another pillow to coordinate with The Graceful Garden quilt.


The 'spinning blades' are cut; and now I will cut the background. 

Which way do you like it best -- against a dark background

(yes, I will 'kaleidoscope' it -- right now, the blades are just lying

on the uncut black/gold fabric), or with the lighter color?


Those blades were cut from the same part of the printed design of the fabric.

I cut 8 squares, then cut the squares in half diagonally and used one side

for one kaleidoscope, and the other side for the other kaleidoscope.

Funny, how different they look!



Click each picture to enlarge:




*     *     *

Okay, the jury is in -- but this is not a democracy, and I may or may not have

gone with the popular vote.    (It was close... very close.)

Here are the blocks, ready to be put on pillows.











January 05, 2013 -- Border for Quilt Center


I laid out enough quilt blocks to add to the center of the quilt to make it the right size for a queen-sized mattress, and it looked like a muddle to me.  It needed an interior border that was dark enough to separate center from outer blocks -- but I was nearly out of dark brown.  I decided to make the border of the mottled dark brown and the printed dark brown in one-inch squares, as the vertical sashing at the top is made.  So the border is made of nearly 400 one-inch squares.


Looks better now.  I'm ready to start joining together the loose blocks around the center, using a variety of sashing.  There will be another border before the blocks for the hang are added.  The hang needs to be fairly wide, as the bed is tall.



Click photo to enlarge.









November 23, 2012 -- Putting Quilt Center Together


It's been so long since I put a quilt top together, I forgot how quickly it goes, once the blocks are all done.  But all the blocks are done (unless I discover I need more), and today I cut the sashing and put the first blocks together. 


This will be the center of the quilt.  In my pattern book, this is the entire quilt.  I have enough blocks to make four just like this, plus several more. 

Hopefully, it will be enough for a king-sized quilt. 

The extra blocks will be for the decorative pillows.



Click to enlarge.


















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